Frequently Asked Questions


What is cold pressed juice?
Using a hydraulic presser machine it extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables and contains all the nutrients, live enzymes and good bacteria that are within the fruit.

Shouldn't I be consuming fiber?
Fiber is great at cleaning and moving things within your stomach, however by giving yourself a break by only in taking juices your body can focus the energy to detoxing and healing.

Do I get my protein? Where?
All our juices have great source of protein. Greens have amazing amount of protein

Are there sugars in the juices? 
Yes! However the sugars found in our juice is natural. These natural sugars are great for providing energy and help you feel refreshed. We have designed our juices by picking fruits and vegetables that have low to moderate sugar levels. Diabetics should check with doctors

How long does the juice last?
It depends on the type of ingredient but typically unpasteurized cold pressed juice will preserve the nutrient content for up to 4 days. Please put the juices into the refrigerator immediately after purchase or delivery, it should be kept chilled at all times. Please consume once opened, or before the expiry date printed on bottle.

Why is my stool red?
Beet juice can cause red stool. Don't be scared - it's just beets!

Is your juices gluten free? What about vegan?
Yes! All of our cold-pressed juices are from fresh fruits and vegetables and our nut mylks are blended with almonds, cashews, filtered water, dates, sea salt, and spices or matcha powder. There are no additives to our juices.


I am on medication, should I do a juice cleanse?
If you are on short-term medications, we suggest waiting till you are done with medication before starting cleanse. If you suffer from longer term or chronic illness, it’s best to consult with your doctor.

What if I have food allergy?
All our ingredients are listed on bottles and our website.Please let us know in advance if you are allergic to any of our ingredients, we will try our best to replace it. Also note that cross-contamination could occur during our preparation process, if you have a serious nut allergy, we advise to avoid our cleanses. 

How often should I do a cleanse? 
There is no right answer. It is different for every individual depending on his or her needs.

Here are some reasons people cleanse:

  • Lack of energy
  • Before events
  • After period of excess stress
  • After holidays
  • Periodic seasonal cleanses

    Does it matter what order I drink the juices? 
    Our nutritional team have designed the cleanse in an order where you can effectively absorb the nutrients and provide the power you need according to the time of day.

    It is recommended to drink the juices in order provided
    Can I eat during the cleanse?
    Yes! Although the goal of the cleanse is to give your digestive system a break from breaking down solid food, if you feel hungry or lack of energy you can eat the following recommended foods:

    • Bananas
    • Avocado
    • Flax Seed
    • Salads (No dressing)
    • Nuts (Unsalted)

      Why do a cleanse? 
      Accelerates Metabolism – Increase Energy – Clean digestive system – Boost immunity – better complexion – Prevents premature aging – Reliefs stress

      Should everyone cleanse? 
      Children and young teenagers should refrain from cleansing because they are growing rapidly and require solid food. The elderly should refrain from cleansing because cold-pressed juices are more prone to have bacteria that may be harmful for weaker bodies. Anyone that seeks medical needs should consult with personal doctors before cleansing.


      *Disclaimer:  Daily Press Juicery is not a Medical Doctor; We do NOT practice medicine; We do NOT give medical advice; This is not medical Advice; Daily Press Juicery is not licensed to practice Medicine; Daily Press Juicery is not a Medical Doctor; If you need Medical advice please seek out professional Medical Doctor; Nothing on this website shall be construed as Medical Advice.