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- Cleanse -

Reboot Cleanse
6 Juices + 1 Shot/Day




Perfect for first time cleansers. The Reboot Cleanse is a well balanced blend of fruit and green juices that is perfect for beginner detox. Your body will thank you after the Reboot.

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  • Detox
  • Energizing
  • Easy to consume flavours
Expert Cleanse
6 Juices + 1 Shot/Day




Great for green juice enthusiasts. Vegetable base, low in fruit sugars with high cleansing efficiency. Be prepared to feel replenished after the cleanse!

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  • Deep cleansing
  • Replenish vitamins and minerals
  • Low calories
Super Green Cleanse
6 Juices + 2 Shot/Day




For experienced cleansers. The cleanse offers the highest efficiency and immunity targeted cleanse. Lets start healing today!

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  • Maximum Cleansing
  • Healing and immunity boosting
  • Designed to target the repair of the body



- Why Cleanse? -
Clears Skin
Reboots Healthy Habits



Hair and Nail Growth
Stronger Immune System
Detox Pollution & Toxins


You Are What You Eat!

Most of us busy Torontonians can't avoid cafeine, junk food, msg, lack of sleep and exhaustion - the list is never ending. Our lifestyle is drive by time and in this busy city it can be extremely difficult to maintain a balanced diet. Although our bodies are blessed with a self-cleaning detoxifying system, our lifestyle choices as well as increasing pollution can cause many health issues and even speed up the aging process. Daily Press Juicery provides creative and effective cleanses, designed by a team of nutritionists that make the consumption of fruits and vegetables easy and enjoyable. Cleanses allow your body to take a break from the "junk" and help it focus on rejuvenating cells and pushing out toxins. Despite "eating" less, you are actually consuming more!


- Cleanse Tips -

When To Drink

It's recommended to start early, have a bottle every 2-3 hours and finish the last bottle a couple hours before bed. This will prevent bloating.

Drink Slow

Similar to eating, saliva helps with digestion and breaking down the nutrients. It is better to sip your juice than to gulp it all at once for maximum nutrients.




We suggest having herbal tea or lemon water during the duration of the cleanse in between juices. It will help flush out toxins and increase metabolism.

Rest Up

The best time for your body to heal and repair is during sleep. Try to have a good 8 hours of sleep prior, during and after the cleanse to aid cell repair.



Detox Symptoms

Since your body is naturally flushing out toxins, there will be some common symptoms during the cleanse. Headache, nausea, cravings, gas may happen.

Feeling Achieved

You should feel proud after completing a juice cleanse. It takes determination and persistence to continue a healthy lifestyle.