Our Mission Our Promise

In the spring of 2015, I was born into the busy city of Toronto. I had big dreams and most of all, a mission in mind. I was born into world to make the intake of fruit and vegetables enjoyable, convenient and a daily habit! At Daily Press Juicery, I offer innovative juice formulas to combine the most nutritious ingredients with the tastiest flavours. In a busy metropolitan city like Toronto, people are so busy they barely have time for themselves. Thats why we make the intake off fruit and vegetables convenient for all Torontonians. We do the prep work, you do the drinking! Come visit any of our retail locations at the heart of downtown, drop by our 20+ local cafe partners and yoga studios, or let us deliver the juices straight to your door. Lastly, we keep the juicing experience exciting and fresh! Educating and encouraging the juice generation through different channels such as social media, fitness and yoga centers we use our creativity to keep juicing a habit and never get boring!

How is it Made?

The making of Cold-Pressed Juices require a hydraulic press that extracts more nutrients and live enzymes than conventional juicers. A hydraulic press is a two step juicer that shreds the fruits and vegetables into puree form, which then uses two heavy duty stainless steel metal plate to press and extract all the juices from the produce. This efficient process leaves no wasted juice behind. This method also extracts 3-5 times more vitamins and enzymes than normal juicers, and also allowing juices to have a shelf life of up to 4 days when kept chilled. Cold-Press Juices taste better, feels better and includes nothing but natural ingredients.

Our Humble Beginnings

We started juicing out of our own kitchens, creating the flavours we still sell today. From there we opened our first flagship store located on 200 Queen St. West. We moved our kitchen in house to provide the freshest juices to our customers! You can smell us juicing from a mile away.

Experience Us

You can find our juices at our retail locations: Flag Ship 200 Queen St. West lcoation. Our second 605 Yonge St. Location.
You can also find us at 20+ Local cafe & Yoga Studios (Follow our instagram @dailypressjuicery for news of our latest partnerships)
Get us delivered to you with our door step delivery service, you can experience Daily Press Juicery in the comfort of your own home.