Pick of the Week : Beet It!

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Pick of the Week : Beet It!
Beet It! Contains Beets, Watermelon, Carrot & Ginger. Being a root based, cold-pressed juice, its 4 active ingredients can do wonders for your body.
Beets are a fantastic anti-oxidant! We know this word gets thrown around a lot, and you're probably wondering what exactly does it mean? Antioxidants are enzymes & most importantly nutrients, that play a significant role in preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, and arthritis. Just like oxidation can cause a car to rust, the same process is capable of damaging our internal tissues. Anti-oxidants can help counter-act this process. 
Carrots are also an anti-oxidant. They play an important role in eye health & are great for your skin. So basically everything your parents told you about eating your carrots when you were younger was true! Santa Claus, however, is still not real. We're really sorry about that.
 Watermelon is our favourite fruit - (because #aesthetics) and also due to its superior hydrating abilities. Watermelon can help control your weight, and provide you with fabulous looking skin. 
Ginger really helps give "Beet It" its kick that we love so much. It's an anti-inflammatory, anti-cold and flu agent, and really helps your digestive system run smoothly. 
Beet It! is available everyday, for $9. Come say Hi and try one for yourself. 
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